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Street Safe

Street Safe is a non-profit North Carolina based hands-on driving program designed and developed to change the driving behaviors that cause moving violations, accidents, DWI’s, injuries and death among young drivers. With a network of Police Officers, Highway Patrol, Fire Departments, the Judicial System, Insurance Executives and Driver Education professionals, the Street Safe initiative is making a difference in the lives of drivers throughout North Carolina and beyond.

Through a custom designed logo, and promotional print design materials, WCG developed a unique and relevant identity for this life saving driving school. Video production was created as a Public Service Announcement to educate parents about how they could save their children’s lives. The creative strategy revealed a new image that allowed Street Safe to reach the right audience in a way that truly shares their mission and goals. This enabled Street Safe to further their participation with the Governor’s Highway Safety Act and to allow expansion to other cities and states.

  • Brand Development
  • Complete Rebrand
  • Custom Logo Design
  • Print Collateral Kit
  • Brochure Design- Governors Highway Safety Program
  • TV Commercial Concept and Production
  • Promotional Gear Design