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Dicks Pawn

Dicks Pawn Superstore is a well-established chain of pawn shops in the Grand Strand area of Myrtle Beach, SC. Having a large number of services such as check cashing, pawn loans, cash for gold, title loans, and custom jewelry, Dicks Pawn Superstore has developed a trusted reputation for their quality pre-owned items and convenient services. With four locations, Dicks Pawn is able to cater to the local population as well as the large number of tourists that visit the Myrtle Beach area.

Our work with Dicks Pawn encompassed brand development and consulting services. WCG was able to transition the brand previously known as “Dick’s Pawn” to the more aptly named “Dicks Pawn Superstore.” While a seemingly subtle difference, the name change allowed for many opportunities to create a brand identity that was larger than life. With the new brand name came a newly designed logo, website, mobile website, print materials, and Facebook applications. Notably, a new mascot was created that represented the Dicks Pawn Superstore brand. “Super Dick”, and the character’s larger than life personality, portrayed through online videos, TV commercials, and Facebook postings, created a buzz among both locals and tourists alike! With a successful advertising campaign including TV spots, billboards, and digital advertising, Dicks Pawn and its new brand identity helped establish Dicks Pawn Superstore as a local attraction and draw the attention of production companies searching for new reality show concepts.

  • Brand Development
  • Logo Design
  • Renaming – Dick’s Pawn Superstore
  • Super Hero character creation and development
  • Billboard Design
  • TV Commercial Production
  • Custom Facebook
  • Web Videos
  • Mobile Website
  • Reality TV - pilot concept and production
  • Print Collateral Kit
  • Digital Advertising – social media advertising
  • Content Creation
  • Photography