Your Point of Difference

In today’s marketplace consumers are bombarded with an overwhelming number of companies endeavoring to provide similar products and services. It is no wonder people get confused. One of your goals in business should be to create a point of difference memorable and relevant enough to drive a wedge between your business and your competitors. The goal is to make choice easy for your customers. It is not good enough to be cheaper or better. You need to communicate why these differences better suit your customers and make your business unique. After all, how many ” me too ” businesses are successful anyway?
When Subway combined the benefits of the fast food process with the growing trend of healthy eating, it created a new point of difference. By positioning itself as a “fresh” fast food chain, the company became unique within its industry and a symbol of healthy fast food.
Your product or service is going to naturally have a target market based upon the solution it provides and those seeking its benefits. Whether your target market is small and concentrated or large and considered a mass market. the process of identifying your point of difference is still somewhat the same. Separating your key benefits and strengths and bundling them together to package a unique point of difference is typically the first step.
Having a point of difference that can’t be replicated by your competitors is very important for building a loyal client base. The power of idea protection combined with a smart brand strategy will ensure piece of mind for years to come.

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