The Role Of Digital

Digital media operates as part of a media portfolio to deliver high impact and specific targets. The high impact is a result of precise targeting and more engaging creative features. In general, digital media reaches the same people as TV. The majority of campaigns use digital to increase frequency, although some campaigns also use it to increase reach.
Maximize the effect of digital by focusing on the quality of creative and its integration into the overall media plan. Quality of creative should be considered when assigning roles, as brands must deliver relevant content that yields a much deeper and meaningful engagement to their customers. To accomplish this, brands must focus on both the content and the delivery to the masses in a variety of forms. This could include blogs, web and mobile video, Google Adword campaigns, and text ads. Connect with your customers to create a relationship, not just a shopping experience.
In 2013 the role of digital will grow dramatically marked by a near-doubling in smartphone ownership. Consumers are showing a growing appetite for mobile and social content and tablets are emerging as a respectful fourth screen. Mobile marketing has grown from an optional component in a company’s marketing mix to a vital role in a brand’s success.
Make the most of social media fan pages. The benefits of fan pages can be categorized into those which are considered basic or expected by visitors, and those which are differentiators. Expected content includes regular posts, trustworthy brand news, new product information and offers. Differentiator benefits include: variety, innovation, fun, interaction and community awareness.
Make websites more effective. Design custom sites with simplicity and ease of use as a primary consideration. Your most interesting and innovative site features should link directly to your intended brand message. Encourage content creativity, don’t settle for ordinary.
Make the best use of mobile. Content is king! Mobile is a behavior; it is not just a device. Improve the reach of mobile ads by integrating them into the wider campaign. When traffic is driven to mobile, the impact is strong.

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