Building A Strong Foundation For Your Brand

Any architect will tell you the most important element of design is not the structure but its foundation. If you want to create a brand that stands the test of time its value must be built on a solid foundation. It is true the foundation is not as cool as the stunning design of the architecture itself, but it is responsible for supporting the weight of the structure, and must withstand the constant forces of movement and erosion around it.
Just like any great structure, there is nothing more fundamental to the lasting success of your early stages of building a brand than the foundation underneath it. Your foundation will determine the stability and sustainability of your brand going forward. Strong foundations are the critical beginning of a brand’s success. Without a solid foundation it is nearly impossible to withstand the winds of competition and the forces of market change. Smart builders start at the ground level building a foundation that supports their vision and highest ideals.
Building a strong foundation for your brand is the single most important step in creating value for others!
• The brand foundation must fit naturally into the landscape that surrounds it. Architects call this site planning. In Brand Management it is strategic planning. How you position your foundation relative to the competitive field will define your unique value to your customers. What are your customers desires, hopes, and needs? What relevant benefits do you offer that brings value to your customers?
• Big Ideas need deep and narrow foundations. Customers love deep knowledge and the one thing that makes your brand highly valued and unique among all other choices.
• Strong foundations are well designed. How your products, services, and customer experience are designed and executed are critical to the foundation of brand building. Creative design really matters and determines competitive advantage.
• Strong foundations are built from quality materials. Build your brand with quality partners, suppliers, and employees. Seek out diverse talents of people whose passion for excellence is equal or greater than your own. A solid foundation is only as great as the materials used to build it.
• A strong foundation protects your marketing investment. The quality of your foundation must support the marketing investment you make in your brand’s future.