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We believe in Results. How do we get the best results to you in a changing market? What if there was a group of professionals and creative thinkers that could solve all of your branding and marketing needs at one place? What can happen when business is viewed and approached as a lifestyle inspired by creative thought? What if you had a personal team that focused on a comprehensive strategy based clearly on understanding your challenges? Welcome to the Wilmington Consulting Group. Our story is compelling and it makes sense. We wanted our company to be different— to offer real solutions and sound strategies to make businesses more successful. There are lots of advertising agencies and stations selling limited production and placement options. Printed media companies, design companies, and large sales staff all promise the best results but there had to be a better solution. With so much fragmentation in the media market, we focused on the consumer first. The consumer is the most important asset of the brand and your company. Consumers give your brand legitimacy and value. We understand the expectations of the consumer and what the importance of the brand means to them—that’s how we’re different.

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We believe in Growth. A successful company must be prepared to adapt to an evolving market and differentiate its company from competitors. As consumer expectations have risen at a much greater rate than brands have been able to deliver through technology advancements, there is a gap between what the consumer expects and what brands can offer. We get it. We developed a unique process that every member of our team understands and contributes toward getting that edge required in today’s business environment. With Wilmington Consulting Group, you have a personal team of Marketing Strategist, Creative Strategist, and an Advertising Strategist, to make sure you receive successful results. We connect to your audience with a message that creates an emotional attachment and know how to reach them to ensure success in every venture. We are different and like it that way. We have created a company that defines, develops, and delivers complete solutions for businesses. We are the company you can rely on for Brand Development, Creative Design, and Innovative Advertising. We understand your needs. WCG gives you on demand access to a dedicated marketing team with one goal in mind – we help your company reach its full potential.